The Trouble with Super Fuzzy Mittens

Friends, we thank you for choosing to be a member of Skate Amherstburg!  We look forward to seeing your children join us on the ice each week and to watch their progress in learning to skate. We hope that these first two weeks of the Winter skating session have been enjoyable for you and your children as well.

Everyone has done a great job of making sure their children are dressed warmly and comfortably and we thank you for that. One thing that we have noticed, and would like you to be aware of, is that there are some mittens out there that tend to stick to the ice... like Velcro!  As you learn to skate, falling and getting up a lot is expected so if your super fuzzy chenille mittens are sticking to the ice when you fall it can be adorable frustrating. Water-resistant mittens are best as hands need to be protected from the wet/cold ice. It is always a good idea to have an extra pair of gloves/mittens inside the skate bag.

See everyone at the rink.