STARSkate Test Program

Test Days at Skate Amherstburg

Skate Amherstburg schedules test days for all disciplines at every level, provided a qualified Skate Canada Evaluator or Judge is available for the test levels. Test days are currently scheduled approximately once per session; Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Once a skater passes a test, they can then move to the next level in that discipline. If the test is not successful the skater can retry that test. Skaters wait until the next scheduled test day before retrying a test, as waiting gives the skater more time to improve on the comments given by the Judge or Evaluator, and it better prepares the skater for the next level.

Skate Amherstburg welcomes skaters who would like to test on one of the club test dates, however, priority will be given to skaters that are registered on one or more sessions in the current season.

How is it decided that it is time to try a test?

The decision to try a test lies with the skater’s private coach. In general, a test is not attempted until the skater consistently exceeds, in regular practice, the listed standards for a particular level of test. The reason for this is that, on test days, most skaters are somewhat nervous. Therefore, it is quite likely that their quality of skating at test day will fall a little short of their normal level of performance during practice. If they attempt a test before their ability for skating this particular test has been fully developed, it is more than likely that they will not succeed and therefore be discouraged.

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Test Fees

The Skate Canada Test Fee schedule is as follows (effective October 1, 2015):

Skate Canada Test Fee *

Free Skating



Skating Skills


$ 12.00 per part (2 parts)

$ 12.00 per individual dance

$ 12.00 per test

$ 12.00 per test

Test Day Administrative Fee **
$ 5.00 per skater

* Skate Canada Test Fees are set by, and paid to Skate Canada.  The test fee of $10 per test has been in place for over 10 years and the Skate Canada Board of Directors has recently approved a fee increase to be implemented on October 1, 2015. This increase has been set to reflect the increased cost of doing business.  As of October 1, 2015 the cost per test will be increased to $12. This fee increase is for all tests tried in Skate Canada Clubs and Skating Schools.

** Test Day Administrative Fee: is an additional charge from the Skate Amherstburg Board of Directors. This fee covers items such as evaluator’s mileage, food, ice costs, and is paid once for each skater, for each test day.