Where should I buy skates?

When you first sign up for CanSkate, skates from Canadian Tire are fine. Brand names such as Bauer, Reebok, and CCM are all fine hockey skates for beginners. Cameo by Jackson, Reebok, and Bauer are fine brands for figure skates. We do not recommend plastic skates with ratcheting-style buckles. They may be the cheapest and have Disney Princesses on them, but they are not very good quality. The buckles can malfunction and come undone very easily. A few dollars more is worth it to give your child the necessary tools to succeed.

Keeping that in mind, overly expensive figure skates are not a great idea either. Figure skates with brown bottoms have much more support in the ankle than those with the black bottoms found at Canadian Tire. Ankle support like this is not necessary until skaters start doing more advanced skills like single rotation jumps. Having stiff boots can be very uncomfortable and make it difficult for skaters to bend their knees if they are not strong enough. If you have further questions about your child’s specific skate needs, feel free to ask any of our coaches for their advice.