When can my child move up into the next level?

If you are planning on signing your skater up for hockey, you may do so whenever you and your skater feel comfortable. However, we recommend that, no matter when you start hockey, you continue with the CanSkate program. The best hockey players are the ones that learn the fundamentals of skating technique. Your child will progress much faster as a hockey player if he/she continues CanSkate on the side, or even moves up into the StarSkate program.

If Figure Skating is the path your child wishes to take, skaters will move into “Pre-Juniors” usually once they have passed Stage 4. Pre-Juniors is specific to Skate Amherstburg. It is a group we created to keep appropriate registration numbers on all sessions. Pre-Juniors are technically still CanSkaters and will continue to work on the CanSkate badges. Once they have passed Stage 6, they are considered Juniors.