What is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized Skating, also known as synchro, is a different stream of figure skating. Synchro teams consist of 8-20 skaters that skate in different formations, doing the same steps at the same time. The basic synchro elements include pinwheels, lines, blocks, circles, pass-throughs, and creative element. In higher levels of synchro, skaters perform group lifts and more difficult variations of the elements like no-hold elements and travelling elements.

Joining synchro is great for all skaters. Being in a team environment makes skating more fun and keeps skaters on the ice later in life. In addition, the skills skaters learn in synchro are very beneficial to his/her overall skating ability. Skaters that do synchro have better knee bend, better posture, etc.

Check out the Skate Amherstburg Starlights on Youtube as well as Canada’s senior national teams, Nexxice and Les Supremes, to see what synchro is all about. Also, click here to see Skate Amherstburg’s Synchro Promo video. Synchro tryouts are held every spring during our Synchro Skills Camp. For more info, contact info@skateamherstburg.ca