What is Pre-Juniors and Juniors?

Pre-Juniors consists of skaters working on CanSkate badge 4 and up. Once skaters pass Stage 5, they are not required to wear a helmet anymore and are considered Juniors. Pre-Juniors and Juniors skate on a separate session from CanSkate and the session layout is different. All skaters participate in a stroking lesson including stretching at the beginning of the session. Next, the Pre-Juniors and Juniors split up and do group lessons, working on their badges. Skaters then get about 10 minutes of Independent Practice Time. Skaters are expected to continue working on the skills they have just been taught during group time either independently or with friends. Program Assistants help to keep them on track and being productive. At the end of the session, all skaters participate in dance lessons. Pre-Juniors and Juniors is the transitional period between CanSkate and StarSkate.