What is interpretive?

Interpretive is a stream of testing, previously known as “artistic”. Interpretive programs are 2-3 minutes long and do not have to include any specific elements. Jumps are spins are all optional. The idea of an interpretive is for the skater to interpret music through their movement. Skaters and coaches should decide on interpretive songs together and skaters are encouraged to help with the choreography. Interpretives should convey a theme or a style of music, like salsa, for example. The skater’s movement should embody a fiery, Latin theme with some sharp movements and lots of use of the hips. If the song was about a girl missing her significant other while he’s away, the skater’s movement should convey a feeling of yearning and sadness.

The key to a good interpretive is to make every movement have a purpose with the music. The music should dictate the movement. If the music is fast and happy, the movement of the skater should be fast and happy. If the music gets louder, the skater’s movement should get faster and bigger. If the music is soft and quiet, the skater’s movement should be slow, light, and graceful. Interpretive is all about expressing what the music makes you feel. For more info on interpretive, follow these links: