What is free skate?

Free skate refers to a stream of testing as well as competition programs. Free skate tests consist of two parts. Part one is elements in isolation. Skaters perform a list of stroking techniques, jumps, spins, and field moves individually in front of the evaluator. Part two is the program. Skaters perform a solo anywhere from 1.5 minutes to 4 minutes long depending on the test level. It has to include certain elements and certain elements must be executed successfully, meaning assessed at satisfactory or higher. Part one and Part two of the free skate test can be tested at different times but you must pass both in order to pass that level. Skaters may choose to test the next level’s Part one before they have passed the previously level’s Part two. This is the only stream of testing where this can be done. The term free skate is also known as another word for a program or solo. All three terms are used fairly interchangeably. For more info on Free skate, follow this link: