What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cumulative Points Calculation. It is also called IJS which stands for International Judging System. The ISU developed this new judging system in 2004 to replace the 6.0 system following the 2002 Winter Olympics. The system is designed to be more objective and less vulnerable to abuse.

This judging system consists of two parts, the Technical Panel (Technical Specialist (TS), Assistant Technical Specialist (ATS), and Technical Controller (TC)), and the Judges/Referee (minimum 3 judges including the referee, maximum 9 judges not including the referee). It is the Tech Panel’s job to decide what the element was and if it met the necessary requirements to be called at a specific level. It is then the judges’ job to determine the quality of the element and award the GOEs and PCs.

The idea of this judging system is to take away the comparison that the 6.0 judging system required. In 6.0 (also known as OBO, which stands for One by One), the judges marked each skater based on if he/she was better or worse than the previous skater. In CPC, each skater is only marked based on set criteria and rules. Their scores are only determined by their own performance; they are not dependent on the performance of the other skaters.

While this judging system was created to reduce the possibility of cheating, there is still, and always will be, speculation.