What is Carnival?

Carnival, also known as Ice Show, is kind of like a dance recital. It is a show we put on every year for the past 45 years to showcase all of our skaters at all levels. Groups of skaters practice routines to music during their regular ice time, they receive costumes to wear, they attend a dress rehearsal, and then they perform on the day of the show. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, third cousins; they are all encouraged to attend and cheer on their skater.

Ice Show is usually held around the end of March or the beginning of April on a Saturday or Sunday. The show has been at 2pm-4pm for the past few years but is subject to change. Dress Rehearsal is held the Thursday before the show. Skaters practice their routines in their costumes on Rink A (our usual ice is on Rink B) then they get pictures done. We have a professional photographer on site to take pictures of all the groups as well as individual pictures. All skaters are encouraged to participate in Carnival. It is a great experience for the skaters and the parents and provides memories to last a lifetime.