What is CanSkate?

CanSkate is Canada’s Flagship Learn-to-Skate program for beginners of any age that teaches fundamental movements and basic skills. At Skate Amherstburg, we offer 2 CanSkate sessions on Mondays and Thursdays. Times may vary slightly from year to year. We have up to 60 kids on each session with 6 coloured groups. The skaters participate in fun group dances and stretches to start off each session. Skaters then receive lessons taught by an NCCP Certified CanSkate coach with the help of Program Assistants. CanSkate is all about keeping the kids moving, learning, and having fun.

We set up 3 circuits in different areas of the ice using colourful pylons, pool noodles, hula hoops, bean bags, and bingo dabbers. Skaters can navigate these circuits at their own pace while coaches and Program Assistants help them to improve the skills being taught. The groups rotate approximately every 10 minutes to a different group. Each group does at least 1 circuit and at least 1 game. We play games that encourage learning but are also fun for the kids. Some of these games include hockey (with individual stick and puck), soccer, relay races, Red Light Green Light, and What Time is it Mr. Wolf? We do not play tag on the ice due to safety issues. At the end of every session, skaters receive a sticker or a stamp to congratulate them for doing a great job.

The goal of CanSkate is to teach fundamental skills that can be carried over into any aspect of skating whether it is Hockey, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, or Ringette.