What are the levels of skating government?

The governing bodies of skating start out at the club level. Every skating club has a Board of Directors with a minimum of 3 members. Next, there is the Regional Board. Our region is called Sun Parlour Region and it includes all of Essex County. The president of each club as well as one extra representative attends the Regional Board meetings. The region Board includes a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Coaches Representative. The regional board is in charge of things like planning competitions and skater development days. At the next level is the Section board. For every province except Ontario, the section is the entire province. In Ontario, we have four sections: Western Ontario (our section), Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, and Northern Ontario. After the section board, there is Skate Ontario which represents all of the Ontario sections together. After that, there is Skate Canada which is the governing body for the country. After Skate Canada, there is the International Skating Union, also known as the ISU. The ISU is in charge of regulating skating around the world.