What are the different levels of competition?

There are 3 different streams of competing. At the lowest level is the Star 1-5 categories. Star 1 includes elements in isolation, no choreographed routines. Star 2-4 are choreographed routines increasing in difficulty from waltz jumps to an axel. Star 5 programs can include double jumps and is judged using CPC. Star 1-4 has it’s own judging system (see Judging FAQ).

The second level is StarSkate. StarSkate categories are offered at invitational competitions and skaters may only qualify to advance to StarSkate Championships, no higher. The StarSkate categories are Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, Senior Silver, and Gold. Jumps range from singles to doubles, sometimes triples.

The third level is CompetitiveSkate categories. These categories include Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior, and Senior. These categories can qualify for higher competitions such as Provincials, Canadians, Worlds, and the Olympics. Unlike StarSkate categories, skaters must be a certain age to compete in CompetitiveSkate categories.