What are skills?

The term “Skills” refers to a stream of testing. There are four test streams: Skills, Dance, Free skate, and Interpretive. Skills tests are set patterns including mostly turns and some stroking and field moves. The test levels of skills are Preliminary, Junior Bronze, Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, Senior Silver, and Gold. Skaters usually start doing skills once they have passed a couple dances. There are three different sections of every skill. The sections of the Preliminary skills are Waltzing Three’s, Waltzing Mohawks, and Circles, also known as Expanding. They are 3 different patterns of steps that are tested altogether and all three must receive an assessment of satisfactory or higher in order to pass.

Skills tests probably have the highest “retry” percentage as the more difficult turns have to be very precise and exact in order to pass. Skills tests are fairly new to figure skating and were invented to replace figures. For more info on skills, follow these links: