What are “Fun Days”?

In CanSkate, we have two major fun days, one on each 14 week session, as well as dress up days. Our fun days are Halloween and Valentines Day. Skaters are encourage to wear black and orange and red, pink, and white, respectively. Skaters rotate around the ice in their colour groups, playing 6 different games. They also receive candy at the end of the Halloween session and a Valentines Day card at the end of the Valentines Day session.

We also have a Skate with Santa day close to Christmas. Santa himself makes an appearance for about 15 minutes at the beginning of the session. Skaters participate in some Christmas inspired circuits.

Our dress up days include sports day and pajama day. On sports day, skaters are encouraged to wear a jersey to support their favourite team. On pajama day, skaters are encouraged to wear their comfiest PJs on the ice.

Emails will go out in advance to notify parents of these upcoming fun days.