How do they judge Star 1-4

Star 1-4 has its very own judging system. It works similarly to the way a Tech Panel works. There are only ever 3 judges on a Star 1-4 panel. Judge #1 is the referee and the caller. His/her job is to never take their eyes off of the skater and call the elements that they see as well as an assessment. For example, the caller would say, “Single Flip, Silver.” Judge #2’s job is to write down everything that Judge #1 says, as well as watch the skater to the best of their ability and write down their own comments. Judge #3’s job is to watch the skater and write down their own assessments and comments whether they are the same as what Judge #1 called or not. If Judge #1 called a “Single Flip, Silver”, but Judge #3 wrote down Gold, Judge #3 would then say, “Review”, and Judge #2 will make a mark in the review box next to that element. Any Judge, including Judge #1, can call review if they have a different opinion on the element and would like to change the assessment. At the end of the program, Judge #1 then calls an assessment for Skating Skills, Performance, and Interpretation (only on Star 3 and 4). Judge #2 then leads the review. He/She will say, “We have 9 elements, first review is on element number 4, the Single Flip, Silver. Judge #3, you called review on this element.” Judge #3 will then state their opinion on the element and all 3 judges will decide on which assessment they want to go with. If Judge #1 still believes the Flip was a Silver level, and Judge #3 is adamant that it was a Gold level, it is Judge #2’s job to break the tie and make the decision. It is important for the judges to remain courteous and respectful of each other’s opinions and move on to the next item in a timely fashion. Once the review is complete, Judge #2 calls back all of the elements to make sure that they match what Judge #3 has written down.

The idea of this judging system is to ensure that the skater is receiving the most appropriate mark that they deserve. That is why 2 out of the 3 judges must agree on the assessment.

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