Do I need to hire a private coach? When? How?

Some children have trouble learning in a group environment and a private coach may be required as early as CanSkate to ensure your child progresses and learns. A coach is not absolutely necessary until skaters move on to Intermediates since a dance coach is provided in Pre-Juniors and Juniors. If you and your skater are serious with figure skating, it is really never too early to hire a coach. Generally, most skaters have a private coach once they are in Juniors. If a Junior skater wishes to skate during the Spring or Summer, he/she must have a private coach that is able to give them lessons as we offer little to no group time for Juniors.

You can hire a coach at any time throughout the season; it does not have to be at the start of the season. It is a good idea to ask your skater if there is a particular coach he/she likes. They may not know the coach’s name so have them point them out on the ice. You may speak to them in person when they are free between sessions or visit our coaches page to get their contact info. You may have to ask more than one coach as they could already be booked up. In order to accommodate a coach’s schedule, skaters will sometimes come 15 minutes before or after their scheduled skating time and receive lessons on a different session. There is no extra fees required to do this.

Rates vary from coach to coach. They range from a couple dollars to $20+ for a 15 minute lesson depending on their qualifications. Coaches are only able to charge a certain amount based on what level of coach they are. Rates and payments should be discussed upfront.

It should be noted that coaches are contracted by the club, not employees. The Skate Amherstburg Board of Directors is not involved in anything to do with the exchange of money between skater and coach. However, should a conflict arise between a skater and coach or parent and coach, either party should alert the board of the issue to have it resolved effectively.