CanSkate/Pre STARSkate/STARSkate Information for 2018 Ice Show


All of our skaters are invited to join in the fun, club spirit and excitement of this year’s Ice Show. Our past and current skaters always rate this popular annual event as among their best skating memories. Our skaters are truly the stars of the show, in an event that showcases the talents and achievements of each participant.

This year’s theme will take our skaters center stage – Battle of the Bands, inspired by the songs that we love, bands will be featured. Here are the important details for skaters and their families:

Important Dates to Remember

Costume Pick Up:

  • Thursday March 8th, 2018
  • Friday March 9th, 2018
  • Monday March 12th, 2018
  • Thursday March 15th, 2018
  • Friday March 16th, 2018
  • Monday March 19th, 2018

Thursday March 22, 2018 4pm – 9:30pm Dress Rehearsal & Professional Photographs

Sunday March 25th, 2018 2pm – 4pm Ice Show

When and where are rehearsals?

After the Ice Show registration concludes (February 9th, 2018), the Technical Director will arrange skaters into their appropriate groups. Then, Ice Show rehearsals are held during a portion of each weekly skating session up until the Dress Rehearsal.

All skaters participate in dress rehearsal on RINK A the evening of Thursday, March 22nd.

A detailed Dress Rehearsal schedule will be posted in March, but generally skaters can expect to spend about 10 minutes rehearsing their show number and then going to pictures in costume.

When and where is the Ice Show held?

The performance is held on RINK A of the Libro Centre on Sunday, March 25th 2018 from 2 to 4PM.

Is the Ice Show open to all skaters?

Yes! All skaters from CanSkate and up are invited to participate. In fact, our youngest CanSkaters are often the most popular part of the show. CanSkaters MUST be registered in Winter Session in order to participate in Ice Show.

What will my skater be doing?

Each skater will be assigned to a specific group, according to skill level. During rehearsal time, our coaches will choreograph a number to fit the accompanying music, and it will be performed by the group during the Ice Show performance. Skaters are grouped according to skill level, and our coaches design each show number to showcase the skills that they have mastered throughout the year, so everyone can participate and enjoy!

What about helmets?

As per Skate Canada rules, and liability insurance requirements, skaters in CanSkate must wear helmets whenever they are on the ice. If your skater wears a helmet during regular practice, they must wear a helmet for dress rehearsal and ice show. As professional photos are taken after they have skated with a helmet on, please make sure to bring a brush and any other hair supplies you may need to make sure your skater looks their best for pictures!

How many show numbers will my skater participate in?

Your skater will participate in one number for each night of skating that they are registered for.

What do my Ice Show registration fees cover?

Ice Show registration fees cover the cost of renting costumes, coaching fees and a small portion of the production costs. Registration fees do not cover the full cost of the Ice Show production. We expect to defray the majority of the production costs through ticket sales, program sales, other fundraising activities we may choose to organize for the day of the show.

Are there any extra costs?

Tickets for family and friends to watch performances will be offered for sale in early March.

  • Adults $8
  • Youth (4-12) $5, (3 and under) FREE if on a lap

There are also flowers and programs available for purchase the day of the show. Flowers help to make the show a special experience for the stars of the day and programs make for a great keepsake.

You can also purchase a professional photo of your skater.

What other commitment is required?

We need help from many volunteers to make the Ice Show a success. We are counting on our skaters’ parents to get involved and lend a hand where they can. Most of our volunteer needs will be around the actual show time but there is a ton of work to be done proactively and we would love to have you involved. An email detailing the available jobs will be sent out in the near future.

How much time will my CanSkater be on the ice during the show?

CanSkate participants will have 1 or 2 group numbers depending on the number of nights they are registered to skate. As well, they will be participating in the grand finale. Although this may not seem like a lot of time on the ice, young CanSkate members see it as a very important event. While skaters are not on the ice, they will stay at ice level to watch the rest of the show from bleacher seats. They will be monitored at all times by a dressing room supervisor.

What about the Professional Photos?

We arrange for professional quality group and individual photos of our skaters to be taken on the day of dress rehearsal. This year, picture orders will be taken online through the photographer's website.

Does my skater get to keep his/her Ice Show costume?

No. Our costumes are rentals, and must be returned in good condition directly after the Ice Show performance. When you pick up your costume(s) during the week of March 9th, 2018, you will be asked to leave a deposit in the form a post-dated cheque or cash in the amount of $30. This deposit will be returned to you immediately following the Ice Show performance, when we receive your costume return.

How are solos and other highlighted performers chosen?

All Senior level skaters are given the opportunity to do a solo, duet, trio, or quartet. Length of program and their choice of music is dependent on what Skate Canada Tests they have successfully passed.

What if my skater does not wish to participate after I have registered?

If your skater changes their mind or if something comes up that prevents you from being at the show, please let a board member know in the office or by email. The Technical Director will need to know that your skater will no longer be practicing the line. Please note that removing one skater from a line can be very problematic for the coaches and skaters from a choreography stand point so we really encourage you to have your skater fulfill their commitment. All costumes are drawn from inventory and/ or sewn directly following registration; as such, no refunds are possible after February 16, 2018.

More questions?

Please ask any one of our volunteers by stopping into the club office during our skating sessions, or let us know at

Stay tuned to the website, Facebook, and look out for emails for more information in the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun-filled show….

Skate Amherstburg